If you require a mattress for yourself or for your visitors, then an air mattress is probably the best choice for you. For many hundred dollars, you can buy luxurious air mattresses which is very supportive, and super-plush. It is also equipped with a built-in pump for the operation, which is controlled by a remote. Apart from these, they also offer the height and exterior space as a real bed. But, most of the people use them as substitutes for the supplementary mattress. For such people, cheap air mattresses are the most comfortable option. These air mattresses are suitable for your guests. Besides, it is easy to carry on for traveling purposes and also, if you plan for camping. After researching dozens of visitor-bed options. It also includes the foam mattresses, futons, folding cots, and camping pads, and sleeping on four air mattresses. We think the SoundAsleep Dream Series is quite an excellent choice for your visitors, who perhaps plan to stay for a night or two. But, this is quite expensive. Thus, if you are looking for an air mattress which is both comfortable and durable. As we have highly taken into our consideration the financial factor, stop worrying about your tight budget. Hence, you can go through this content.

Here, we have mentioned some cheap but quite supportive air mattress that fits your budget. Hence, keep reading this article till the end. Hopefully, this article will help you to select the cheap and the best air mattress.

The Best Air Mattress Under $100

Here, in this section, we have mentioned the best air mattresses(under $100) which fits your budget. Thus, take a glance below:

Intex Prestige Downy Airbed

Intex Prestige Downy Airbed is quite reliable but it is pretty cheap for camping. It’s Est price is $23. As it is available on Walmart, you can buy it from Walmart itself and from other sources as well.


  • When it is fully inflated, it is considerably comfortable. Some of the users also say that it is quite soft waterproof and also flocked top.
  • It has also included the battery-powered pump and a handheld.
  • Besides, it is easy to set and also takedown. Likely it’s the best thing.
  • According to experts; it is durable and it should withstand rough ground.
  • Apart from these, it supports up to 600 pounds.
  • Moreover, it also comes with large storage.
  • Also, it has some carrying handles which are really useful.


  • Some users reported that even with minimal use, they found it sagging at the middle of the night. Furthermore, the air is also discovered as leaking.
  • Most of the users reported that folding for storage might promote small punctures.
  • They don’t provide any storage bag. It’s a considerably disturbing thing.
  • It comes with a non-chargeable pump, that needs C-cell batteries, an ongoing cost.
  • There is no warranty which is the worst thing.


Further Details:

Most of the commentators considered the Intex Prestige Downy Airbed of a good value and given the best prices, it is really peerless. It is also comparative comfort. When some bring this 8.75 inch queen-size on camping trips, they say, it is multi-purpose. It can be used as an extra bed for the kids. Moreover, with good results, many of the users have set it up atop a cot frame. It claims that it is inflated in 15 minutes and some reviewers also agreed to this. But, this is considered a long enough time. Apart from these, among owners, there’s some grumbling that the supplied pump may require replacement.

Soundasleep Camping Series

Soundasleep camping series is recognized as a good camping air bed which is come with the rechargeable pumps. It’s Est. price is $90 which is quite expensive. As it is available on Amazon, you can buy it from Amazon itself.


  • Soundasleep camping series is a pretty comfortable outdoor air mattress, you can call it as airbed.
  • It is built with the interior coils, proprietary. Also, it has heavy-duty PVC covering. Thus,  from the rough ground, it is reduced the risk of punctures.
  • Besides, it is waterproof and also has a flocked top. Apart from these, it has no slip bottom.
  • Moreover, it inflates to almost 9 inches within 3 minutes.
  • Furthermore, it has outer pumps included a rechargeable battery. Therefore, you can easily charge it from a car or any power outlet.
  • It also has a carry bag.


  • Some of the users are reported that all of a sudden it leaks and overnight deflation.
  • It is a little costly than the others.


Overall Verdict:

Associated with some of the competition, it accumulates resounding praise for the usability and comfort. Apart from these, for a good while, it also brings a battery that holds its charge. Most of the users tell of comfortable nights, they felt almost similar to sleeping on a real bed. However, some of the users complain about setting up the mattress indoors in lieu of serving guests on uneven lounges. It takes a small amount of ringing sound for an air mattress – namely – a loss of air. However, according to the users, it is considered as above average quality.

Etekcity Camping Air Mattress

The etekcity camping air mattress is one of the best camping air mattresses. It also provides a rechargeable pump. It’s Est. price $80. As it is available on Amazon,  you can buy it on Amazon,


  • For its interior column structure, it’s surface is quite firm and flat.
  • It provides excellent comfort and support which makes it more reliable than the others. Thus, many users prefer this.
  • Besides, it has a powerful electric pump. This pump helps to inflate the mattress to 9 inches. Besides, to inflate the mattress it only takes 1 minute which is considered faster than a battery powered pump. Also, you can recharge it from a car charger or by an outlet box.
  • For protecting the air mattress against any kind of leaks and bulging the welded seams grids are used in this etekcity camping air mattress to provide extra protection.
  • Besides, it also comes with a flocked top which is used for its flocked surface.
  • For durability in outdoors, it also provides the anti-skid bottom.
  • Apart from these, it supports up to 650 pounds.
  • For the mattress and pump, it also provides some carrying bags.
  • Furthermore, for the pump, it also has extra 3 outlets which are used with other inflatables.


  • But, it widespread complained of air leaks and even deflation.


Some More Facts:

Rather than the other air mattresses, Etekcity Camping Air Mattress claims fewer reviews, however, most of the reviews are enthusiastically definite. Many users recognize both the air beds. These are quite effective. Thus, it is quite easy to overlook that you’re on the ground. Furthermore, it is so easy to handle, even for the items which are present. Besides, with the mattress that you can hit the sack in insignificant minutes. According to some of the users, with the first setup, some stretching and a sense that the air has leaked, and they considered it quite normal. Apart from these, about the leaks at the outset, a warning that shows to protect the mattress against all the reports. Despite having some air loss complaints, most of a large majority are preferred the overall performance and quality.

Lightspeed Outdoors PVC-Free Air Bed

Lightspeed outdoors PVC-free air bed is one of the best air mattresses under the $100. It is considered the best travel or outdoor air mattress. It’s Est. price is $80. It is also available on Amazon. Thus, through the Amazon, you can buy it.


  • Some of the users say that it is extremely comfortable and supportive and it provides a different feel of a regular mattress.
  • The stabilization system reduces motion substitution and bouncing. Besides, it also allows users to select their comfortable firmness which makes it different from the other brands.
  • This lightspeed outdoors PVC-free air bed comes with two separate part of the valve.  The first one is deflation or inflation and the second one is topping off or firmness adjustment.
  • It is made up with thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU which is lighter and it is more durable. But, it is probably to stretch than the other conventional PVC shells.
  • As it is less than 6 pounds, it is considered too lighter than other mattresses.
  • It provided you the storage bag and also battery operated pump.


  • After long periods in storage,  most of the users reported of overnight air loss. Besides, some of them also complain about the leaking..
  • Some muted reports about the pump and valve: Thus connecting is quite tricky. Therefore, the pump needs four D batteries. However, many say it is very weak.
  • Rather than the other picks, it is a bit thinner, at 7.1 inches. Some inches are quite smaller than the queen-size mattress.


Important Notes:

A large number of commentators are pretty self-assertive on this PVC-free air beds from the California-based company Lightspeed Outdoors. For the TPU shell, the owners deserve specific praise. In that case, it lacks the chemical smell. This smell usually connects with the PVC casings. Moreover, it is much better maintains the aspired degree of durability. Furthermore, while camping in a tent or RV, it provides you with a luxury feel like a real mattress. Thus, due to the dual Boston valve, the users can effortlessly change the volume of air according to their preference. Besides, this air mattress also accommodates 2 adults with comfort, therefore, due to the lower rise seniors might face to getting up from the air mattress.

Intex Dura-Beam Comfort-Push Elevated Airbed

It is a good and cheap 22’’ air bed which is come with the built-in pump that makes it different from others. It’s Est price is $53 which is considered not too expensive. Therefore, Intex dura-beam comfort plush elevated airbed is available on Amazon, so you can buy it on Amazon.


  • It is very comfortable and supportive.
  • Apart from this, it is easy to set up. Most of the users think the same.
  • Among the best and cheap air mattress, Intex dura-beam comfort-push elevated airbed ranks.
  • Across the top, it has horizontal air chambers. for added firmness and stability, it has a high-strength polyester fiber beam.
  • It also provides an integrated pump. With the help of this integrated pump, one can inflate to 22 inches within 3 minutes.
  • It has a waterproof plush top.
  • Moreover, it holds almost 600 pounds.


  • Some of the users reported about the leaks, deflation, and split seams.
  • According to the users, before each use, it needs refilling. It is quite disturbing.
  • With the center higher than sides, it feels wobbly.
  • They provide only 90-days warranty which is too short.


Further Information:

According to the experts and the users, the Intex Comfort Plush air mattress suited for the occasional use. When the kids are up for a fun-filled, thrilling night stay or the guests stay overnight. It is one of the most supportive and comfortable air mattresses as it flaunts a 5-star rating on the Amazon. In addition, it comes with some additional things such as the built-in pump. Basically, it is a high rise air mattress but it has limited longevity. In the Amazon, there are 19-20 inches air mattress is available for $49. But if you buy the $4 air mattress, then you can see the difference between the two mattresses.

Coleman Supportrest Double High Airbed

Coleman supportrest durable high airbed is renowned air mattress among the best airbeds. But, you can buy it $70 which is available on Amazon.


  • Coleman supportrest durable high airbed is developed for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • For comfort and stability, it is commended by experts and users.
  • This air mattress comes with a dual-seal valve which provided a guard against leaks. Basically, this mattress holds the air properly for which several people prefer this.
  • This mattress can be inflated to almost 18 inches.
  • For extra cushioning, it has the plush top. It also provides reinforced construction.
  • This mattress accommodates almost 600 pounds.
  • For additional storage, it also has a wrap and roll system.


  • Some of the users and experts have complained about the slow leaks and even overnight deflation.
  • They don’t provide any additional pump. Thus, you need to use Coleman airbed pumps.


Additional Information:

As an outdoor air bed or as a home air mattress, the Coleman Supportrest Double High is the most popular among the other air mattresses. Generally, it is used for camping. It is unusually stable and comfortable so, most of the people tend to select it. This mattress comes with a built-in pump and it is testes by Wirecutter. For its overall performance, versatility and compromised price make it the worthy of consideration.

Soundasleep Dream Series

For home uses, sound asleep dream series is considerably best. It’s Est. price is $120. It is available on Amazon, through the Amazon you can easily purchase it.


  • According to the hordes of users and experts, it is extremely comfortable and supportive.
  • Soundasleep dream series highly recommended by the experts because of its no loss of air overnight.
  • In order to inflate, they provide a built-in pump which helps you to inflates it almost 20 inches within 3-4 minutes.
  • With proprietary air coil construction, it comes with a dual chamber. This dual-chamber keeps the surface flat and comfortable. It also provides the stability and helps to maintains its proper shape.
  • It comes with the waterproof flocked top.
  • Moreover, it also a]has puncture resistant shell and grippy bottom.
  • Also, it provides the carry bags. Thus, many users prefer it.
  • For attentive support, customers service is recommended.


  • According to a bit of review, there are seen a small amount of air leak.
  • Rather than a queen size, it a bit smaller.



The SoundAsleep air mattress seems like a dream option because it has a glowing review and appears at the top of many expert roundups. Apart from these, you can see more than 12,000 positive reviews on the Amazon. But the cost is near the $100 cap. If you have the luxury of increasing their budget will get your money’s worth. Users have praised the quality and comfort. Some users prefer an air mattress than a regular mattress. After the first or the second night, it supports 500 pounds and it requires a top-off. As a long-term substitute for a traditional bed, air beds are designed for indoors.

Serta Raised Air Mattress

Serta raised air mattress are designed with never flat pump and it is comfortable enough for daily use. It’s Est price is $122. It is available on Amazon. Thus, you can order it on Amazon.


  • Serta raised air mattresses are feeling closer to a real bed. According to the users and experts, it is quite comfortable for regular use.
  • With circular coils, this air mattresses create an even layer and also provides the proper support.
  • It has a built in pump which is used for inflates the airbed. This pump helps to fill it to almost 18 inches within 4 minutes and it automatically shuts down.
  • They provide 2 years warranty.
  • It comes with the water-resistant flocked top and also has no slip bottom.
  • Moreover, it also provides, carries bags.


  • Some users reports about a bit ait leaks.
  • It carries only 350 pounds which is too lower weight.


Additional Notes:

Serta Raised Air Mattress is one of the popular air mattresses for its never flat pump. In order to maintain the preferred comfort level, the Serta raised creates an even layer. This lives up to the marketing claims like refilling itself. They also provide 1-2 years warranty.

Coleman Airbed Cot

Coleman Airbed is quite famous in Walmart for its stability. It’s estimated price is $115. You can get it on Walmart directly, as it available there, without any hassles.


  • It is quite sturdy, satisfactory and stable. It also assures a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • With coil support, these are 8.5 inches mattresses. For a total height of 22 inches, it comes with a steel frame.
  • Keeps the mattress in place, it has an integrated cover attached with it.
  • It also has two side tables that attached with the frame.
  • Moreover, it also included battery powered pump and rolling storage case.
  • Furthermore, it holds only 600 pounds.


  • Some users are reported about the air leaks and deflation. Some of them consider the seams flimsy.
  • The mattress is quite heavy to transport because of its cot folded system.
  • It needs 4 D batteries.


Additional Guidelines:

Rather than a traditional bed, some of the users feel more comfortable in the air mattress.

So, with the air mattresses, you can enjoy lying a bit above the floor, elevated. According to many users, they find it really comfortable than the mattresses found. Regardless of the setting being indoors or outdoors, you will find this mattress really relaxing. Moreover, the weight of the mattresses is really less, which is just over 42 pounds. This lightweight enhances the portability of the mattresses.

Coleman Easystay 4-in-1

Coleman easy stay 4-in 1 air mattress is a double stack airbed, It is priced at around $ 45 which is quite affordable. You can easily purchase it on Amazon as it is available on Amazon.


  • Coleman Easy Stay 4-in 1 air mattress can be used as 2 different twin beds: a double-high air mattress or a king-size bed.
  • It constructs with a coil for providing the proper support and comfort. This stretches to almost 9 inches.
  • It comes with roll storage or patented wrap which makes it more reliable than others.
  • Each mattress purports almost 350 pounds.


  • Some of the users and experts reported about the bulging, leaking and poor quality.
  • They don’t provide any pumps. (Coleman air mattress pumps suggested)


More Information:

The versatility and bargain price of Coleman easy stay 4-in-1 makes it more reliable and easy buy than the others. Thus, when owners are trying to fit the bedding inside a tent, they say the option to separate or stack the two mattresses comes in more convenient. When placed side-by-side, you can adjust all the mattresses according to your test. Therefore the motion does not bother both of the sleepers. Apart from this, on the downside, a few numbers of users complain that this air bed is not quite live up to Coleman name because of its quality. Besides, while the other held firm, most of the time the mattress developed an air bubble. Moreover, some users also reported that the mattresses springing a leak.

Aerobed Air Mattress For Kids

Aerobed air mattress is one of the best air mattresses that is most suitable for the children. It’s Est price is $57. It is available on the Coleman. Thus, you can obtain if from Coleman.


  • Aerobed air mattress is 50-by-5- inches. To prevent kids from rolling off, it elevated the edges.
  • This comes with electric auto-start pump. This pump helps to inflate the mattress within 60 seconds to 4 inches.
  • For extra support and comfort, it comes with six vertical air chambers.
  • Apart from this, it also has a deflation valve. This deflation valve can help to adjust the firmness.
  • This airbed holds almost 300 pounds.
  • The air mattress is washable and also decorated with the sheet and fleece pad.
  • Additionally, it is just under the 1 pound which is quite light weighted. It also provides carry bags.


  • Scattered reports about the deflation within a few hours, that is the worst thing.
  • Apart from this, most of the users also complain about the air leaks.
  • Some of the users occasionally notice bothersome motion-related squeaking.


Additional Information:

Most of the kids are happy to relax in this small sized air mattress. The portable cribs are more lovable for the kids than the large sleeping surface. Most of the parents prefer this for its easy transport. This is markets for the children ages 4. Within its cushy confines, some parents are also saying about putting toddlers to sleep.

Apart from these, if you need some other cheap air mattresses under $50, then you can take a look below:

Intex Classic Downy

This air mattress is quite thin and lightweight. It is measuring at about 60 x 8.75 x 80 inches and its weights 9.6lbs. It is q good option for occasional outdoor camp. Besides, some of the owners used for the kids. Apart from this, it comes in the queen size. However, it might not for with the normal queen size sheets.

For the first use, you need to re-inflated the air bed as it stretches out. But after this, it holds up with the random use.

Most of the reviewers loves this air bed for its affordable price. You can consider it as the cheapest air bed which is available under the $30.

Intex Pillow Rest Raised

When the Intex Pillow Rest Raised is inflated, it measures 60 x 16.5 x 80 inches and 18’’ high. For maximum comfort, it has a plush top lining. For added more luxury,  it comes with built-in pillows. Besides, for easy storage and travel, it also provides carry bags.

Its maximum capacity is 600lbs which is comfortably fitting for two people. It is very lightweight and travel-friendly. Apart from this, it is inflated within 4 minutes. This Intex pillow rest raised is coming under the $45 which is quite inexpensive.

For providing a peaceful and restful night, most of the reviewers are like this air bed.

Intex Raised Downy

When the Intex Raised Downy is inflated, it measures 60 x 22 x 80 inches (W x H x L) and 22” inches tall. It is completely waterproof and also comes with the vinyl sturdy beams inside. This provides the maximum comfort and support. On Amazon, most of the reviewers make note that it is extremely comfortable and supportive. This is very budget-friendly as it comes under the $50 that holds up to your expectations.

Hopefully, this article will help you to choose the best and cheap air mattresses. Finally, follow the entire article and get the best and the cheapest of the air mattresses for yourself. Additionally, If you have any further queries or questions then do leave comments in the comment section below.

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