A good mattress might be the most important thing to give you a good night’s sleep, but it is not the only item that you need. There is another crucial item without which a good mattress is incomplete. And that is a good pillow. You must have a good pillow in order to provide comfort to your head. You would want your head to be as comfortable as the rest of your body is. You can find pillows made of different materials and offering different options for firmness. You can easily find one that suits your needs the best.

            There are a lot of brands that offer you good quality pillows at a wide range of prices and features. So when you’re shopping for a good pillow, you will have a lot of options to choose from. In this article, we’re going to have a look at the Miracle bamboo pillow made by Ontel. As per the claims made by this product, it is the most comfortable pillow you will find. It also claims to be ‘as seen on TV’. It is made from organic materials and hence is an eco-friendly product.


Features you get in the Miracle Bamboo Pillow

You get the following features in the Miracle bamboo pillow:-


The materials that have been used in a pillow is one of its most important features. It decides the comfort that the pillow will provide to your head. You would want a pillow that would be made with materials that offer you a soft and comfortable feel. The following materials have been used in the construction of the Miracle bamboo pillow:-

  1. Bamboo viscose. This material is made from the viscose that is extracted from the cellulose fibers of bamboo trees. The cover featured in the Miracle bamboo pillow is made of bamboo viscose. This organic cover makes the cover breathable. And not only that. In addition to being breathable, this material offers resistance to mold, bacteria, dust mites, and even allergens. That makes this pillow safe for people who are allergic.
  2. The other material that is used in this pillow is shredded memory foam As is widely known, the open-cell structure of memory foam is the most breathable. So this material enhances the airflow of the Miracle bamboo pillow. And as we shall see, it also provides optimal neutrality towards temperature to the pillow.


The firmness of a pillow is an important feature of it. You would find mainly 5 firmness options in pillows in the market. They are firm, medium-firm, medium, soft, and medium soft. But you get only one firmness option in the Miracle bamboo pillow. But although it comes in one firmness option, it gives you the option to adjust its firmness. You can easily adjust the firmness of this pillow by just unzipping the zipped cover and increasing or decreasing the fill. So even though it offers only a single firmness option, it makes up for that by making the firmness adjustable. Moreover, this is a feature that you won’t find in a lot of other pillows.

3.Size options

The Miracle bamboo pillow offers only two options for the size: king size and queen size.


Memory foam is a material that has a high moldability. So the shredded memory foam filling inside the Miracle bamboo pillows provides them with a high moldability. When it comes to moldability, the Miracle bamboo pillow is a better option than latex pillows and pillows containing a thick foam filling.


The shredded memory foam that is filled in the Miracle bamboo pillow provides more than one quality. In addition to moldability, the memory foam filling also provides conformity to this pillow. The Miracle bamboo pillow hugs the head of the sleeper slightly and provides ample comfort required for a good throughout the night. If you’re looking for a pillow that doesn’t sink your head in and just slightly hugs it, the Miracle bamboo pillow would be a good option for you. It can relieve your neck pain.

6.Shape retention

Shape retention in this case refers to the ability of the pillow to retain its shape after being molded or compressed. If you lie on the Miracle bamboo pillow, it will change shape due to its moldability and conformity. But once you remove the pressure from it, it often gets indented. But you can easily return it to shape by fluffing it. shape retention does not seem to be one of the strong points of the Miracle bamboo pillow.

7.Temperature neutrality

Temperature is an important feature that is essential in a pillow. You would want a pillow that would keep cool during warm summer nights. The Miracle bamboo cover pillow provides ample temperature neutrality. It is an exception among memory foam pillows. That is because memory foam is known to trap heat and get heated as a result. As a result, they would generally cause unease to the sleeper. But since the memory foam filling of the Miracle bamboo pillow is shredded, it allows more airflow and doesn’t trap heat. The cover that is made from viscose from bamboo is also airy and doesn’t trap heat. This shredded memory foam pillow provides you with all-night sleep comfort.


Durability is a property that you would be looking for in a pillow. Memory foam, regardless of the type, is not particularly known to be durable. And since the Miracle bamboo pillow features a shredded memory foam filling, durability is not exactly its strong point. Though you can expect it to last for at least 3 years with proper maintenance. If you’re looking for more than average durability, pillows with latex or down fill would be more suitable for you.


When the new pillow is unboxed, you might experience a particular odor. This odor is caused due to a reaction called off-gassing. This reaction is caused due to the breaking down of the volatile organic compounds. This reaction is caused in newly manufactured foam and other products such as paint. This odor would fade away with time. In case you prefer a pillow that doesn’t release odor, you can go for pillows that feature organic fills.

10.Trial period

Good quality bedding often offers a trial period for their products during which the product can be returned. You get a trial period for the Miracle bamboo pillow as well. But there is no fixed trial period for this product. It varies with the retailer that you buy it from.

11.Availability and price

The Miracle bamboo pillow is available from various retailers. You can also purchase it online. It is available on Amazon currently at a price of $43.76.


Ontel, the manufacturer of the Miracle bamboo mattress, backs it with a 10-year warranty. Other than that, the warranty period might differ from the retailer you buy it from.


Different retailers have different shipping policies for the Miracle bamboo mattress. Some of them also ship this product internationally.


What type of sleepers is it suitable for?

The Miracle bamboo pillow is suitable for all types of sleepers. Let’s have a look at the performance it has on different sleeping styles and weights of the sleepers:-

  1. Back sleepers: The Miracle bamboo pillow has a firmness that is around the medium level. So it is neither too soft as to sink the sleeper’s head in too much, nor too firm as to angle the head upward and create pressure points. It provides the perfect support that is required for back sleepers. Though back sleepers who are lighter than 130 lbs and those who have severe pressure-relief might want to go for other options.
  2. Stomach sleepers: For stomach sleepers lighter than 130 lbs, this pillow provides sufficient alignment to the spine. But they might prefer softer or flatter pillows. As for heavier sleepers, this pillow works well.
  3. Side sleepers: The Miracle bamboo mattress works excellent for sleepers who have a  bodyweight between 130 and 230 lbs. This pillow provides effective spinal alignment.


Pros and Cons

Now, let us have a look at the pros and cons that you get in this product.


  • The cover of this pillow is made of viscose from bamboo fibers that make it breathable.
  • The filling made of a special blend of shredded memory foam provides breathable and temperature neutral properties.
  • This pillow comes with adjustable firmness.
  • You get a high moldability in this pillow and can use it as lumbar support.
  • Controls temperature effectively.
  • Affordable price.


  • This pillow features only one firmness option.
  • Might require fluffing to return to its shape.
  • Average durability.
  • Off-gassing.
  • Sleepers weighing below 130 lbs might not find it suitable.



The miracle bamboo pillow from ontel has been designed to provide optimal comfort and a good night’s sleep throughout the night. It is made with a good choice of materials in order to make it breathable and temperature neutral. Even though it has some cons, overall this product offers a good value in return for the price it asks for. It would be safe to say that this pillow is recommended for you because of the value it offers.