Having a good and comfortable sleep at night is very essential to your health. Besides other things, the mattress you sleep on is a significant factor in how you sleep. Sure being tired or sleepy is often enough for you to go into a deep sleep. But it doesn’t guarantee you a good sleep. If you want a good sleep, you will have to choose your mattress accordingly. Innerspring mattresses are the most common mattresses according to some reports. Other popular types include air mattresses and memory foam mattresses. There are a lot of options to choose from when you’re shopping for suitable mattresses for yourself. It must be noted here that not all types of mattresses are suitable for all types of users. So you might want to make some considerations about a mattress before buying it. There is a wide range of products to choose from when you’re shopping for a suitable mattress for yourself. Different types of mattresses are suitable for different sleeping positions. Some are suitable for back sleepers, while others are best suited to side sleepers. There are mattresses for all types of requirements available in the market. All you have to do is choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

            There are a large number of brands offering you mattresses having a wide range of features and at a wide price range. One of those brands is Tulo. Tulo is an American mattress store chain that was founded in the year 1986. They are based in Houston, Texas and their mattresses are made in the USA. In this article. we’re going to have a look at the features and performance that you get in a Tulo mattress.


Features you get in the Tulo mattress

Tulo mattresses are certified by CertiPUR-US. You get the following features in them:-


First of all, we’re going to have a look at the materials used in Tulo mattresses. The following materials are used in the construction of Tulo mattresses.

  1. A blend of knitted polyester and Tencel is used to make the cover layer. This provides them softness and lightness and also makes them airy. It must be noted here that the Tencel used in the cover is biodegradable and hence is eco-friendly. A lot of users might find this to be a reason to choose this mattress over the others.
  2. The other materials used are titanium-infused high-density cool flow memory foam and polyfoam. The memory foam used in this mattress allows the flow of air, making this mattress a breathable one. Polyfoam is used in order to ensure a long lifespan for the mattress. These materials are used in the comfort system, the transition layer, and the foundation layer. These materials are used in different thicknesses for different layers.


We have seen the materials that are used in Tulo mattresses. Now, let us have a look at the structure of Tulo mattresses. Tulo mattresses have a common structure of the same thickness and firmness except for the foundation layer. The construction of these mattresses consist of the following layers:-

  1. The airy outermost layer or cover layer is soft and light. This is the layer in which the blend of knitted polyester and environment-friendly Tencel, which have been mentioned above, is used.
  2. Right beneath the cover layer lies the comfort system of the mattress. This two-layered comfort system consists of a 2-inch layer of gel memory foam infused with a blend of titanium particles above. Below this memory-foam layer lies 1 1.5-inch layer of convoluted polyfoam. This layer allows for good air circulation.
  3. Beneath the comfort system, that is between the comfort layer and foundation layer, lies the transition layer. This buffer layer between the foundational layer and the comfort system has a 2-inch thick polyfoam construction to reduce surface compression.
  4. The innermost layer is also known as the foundational layer or simply the core. The construction of the material depends on the firmness of the mattress that you have chosen, that is, soft medium, or hard. It is 4.5 inches in thickness and supports the whole of the mattress.


A great thing about Tulo mattresses is that you can choose the level of firmness that you want. All good mattresses would offer you options when it comes to firmness. This is because different users might have different requirements in terms of the firmness of the mattress. You get the following three firmness options in Tulo mattresses:-

  1. Soft: The soft mattress from Tulo is quite soft. On a firmness scale of 10, Tulo soft mattresses are easily at 4. That means they are soft enough to be worth their name. Most users who are looking for a soft mattress will probably find the soft mattresses from Tulo to be an ideal choice. Especially so when they are getting it at quite an affordable price. This type of mattress will be best suited for you if you are a side sleeper.
  2. Medium: For those who are looking for a mattress that is neither soft nor hard, Tulo offers mattresses of medium firmness as well. On a firmness scale of 10, the Tulo medium firmness mattress can easily secure a perfect 6. If you can’t decide what firmness to go for, you can go for a medium firmness mattress. And when it comes to medium firmness mattresses, the ones offered by Tulo would be quite a good choice for you.
  3. Hard: If you are looking for a hard mattress, you might find the ones offered by Tulo to be suitable. On a firmness scale of 10, the hard mattresses from Tulo are at 7 at the least. If you are a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, a hard mattress would be best suitable for you. The ones offered by Tulo would be a viable choice for you in that case.


The support offered to the user lying on it is one of the most important factors of its comfort level. If you want to have a good night’s sleep, you must definitely look for mattresses that would offer your body adequate support. In this matter as well, Tulo mattresses would be a good choice for you. Especially so if you are a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper. Back and stomach sleepers would find ample support for their spines and lower backs in the medium and hard mattresses from Tulo. Side sleepers, on the other hand, will find ample relief from pressure in Tulo soft mattresses. This would provide them a good night’s sleep free of pain and stress. Tulo truly has something for all types of customers and their sleep positions.

           Other than the support offered by the surface, edge support is another feature you must consider in a mattress. Especially so in case you take up the whole space on the bed while sleeping. Even though they are essentially foam mattresses, Tulo mattresses provide ample edge support. This is amazing as foam mattresses typically provide much edge support. So Tulo mattresses don’t fail to amaze you even in this matter.


The sinkage of a mattress is yet another factor in the comfort that it offers to the user. A memory foam mattress should have cushioned support but not too much as to make you feel that you’re sinking in it. Tulo mattresses take care of this too like a pro. Regardless of the type of firmness, all of them provide you with good cushion support and are responsive as well. The foam used in them is perfectly balanced. Once the pressure is relieved from top layers, they bounce back easily. This feature allows the user to change sleeping positions comfortably. Though this feature is not effective on heavy users according to some reviews. But keeping aside this drawback, there aren’t any more drawbacks in this product regarding the sinkage.

6.Motion transfer

Motion transfer is a problem that is quite commonly faced by people. You must have probably faced a situation where the movement of the person sleeping next to you has broken your sleep. Most people who sleep with a partner must have experienced this. This is what’s called motion transfer. Since it is a problem that might ruin your good night’s sleep, you would want a mattress that doesn’t allow motion transfer. Or it should allow a minimum motion transfer at the most. The hard mattresses from Tulo are great at eliminating motion transfer. Moreover, the ones having soft and medium firmness are even better than the hard ones in this matter. So regardless of the type you choose, you are sure to sleep throughout the night without being disturbed by the movements of the person next to you. All the types of Tulo mattresses allow only a minimal amount of motion transfer.

7.Temperature neutrality

Temperature neutrality is a feature you would want in a mattress so that you get a comfortable sleep. The mattresses that are offered to you by Tulo are all temperature neutral. The reason behind why they’re temperature neutral despite being made of foam lies in their structure. The titanium crystals in the comfort layer remove warmth and moisture and the polyfoam layer allows an easy airflow. This helps to keep the user cool during hot summer nights. The hard and medium firmness mattresses are better at the cooling function. While the soft mattresses trap the most heat among all the types. This property of the soft mattresses might be helpful during the winter.


Durability is a factor that you must consider while shopping for a mattress. The ones from Tulo are expected to last as long as 10 years. If they don’t, there is a warranty period of 10 years that you get with all three types of mattresses from Tulo. Looking at their price, the durability that they offer is quite good.


Tulo mattresses, soft, medium, and firm, all are of the bed-in-a-box type. So you must never place them on a surface that doesn’t offer a solid and firm support to them. Before using a new mattress, you must let it air up and expand on a firm surface first. You must give 12 hours to this process at the very least.

        Cleaning up the mattress must be another that most users would have. Tulo mattresses come with removable covers and so are washable by a machine. But the manufacturer has advised the users not to wash them in machines. So it would be wise to wash them only by hand. Washing them by machines might affect the durability of the covers.


The safety of a mattress is an essential feature you must consider. All the mattresses from Tulo are certified by CertiPUR-US. That means they are free of all harmful chemicals such as toxins.


Tulo promises their mattresses to be totally worth the money. And we find them to be delivering on that promise. Tulo mattresses are some of the best-priced mattresses on the market. They leave behind a lot of competitors when it comes to the pricing of their products. And on top of that, as we have seen, they offer you a good value. So when customers see the chance to get a good value at such an attractive price, they might be compelled to choose Tulo mattresses over others.

      Here are some of the mattresses and their prices offered by Tulo:-

  • Full-size mattress- $399
  • King size mattress- $599
  • Queen size mattress- $399
  • Cal King- $599
  • Twin size mattress- $349


All the types of Tulo mattresses, soft, medium, and firm, and all sizes are backed with a 10-year warranty period from the manufacturer. If you find any defects in the mattress you have bought within a period of 10 years, the company will replace it. Though you may not get a replacement of the exact same color, version, or model that you had chosen. They might send you a different model or color.

13.Customer service

Customer service is an important part of your experience of using a product. So there is no way it can be overlooked. It is no different in the case of mattresses. In this case, as well, it is important that the brand you have chosen offers good customer service. Suppose if you find the product you have bought to be defective, the only one who can help you is the customer service. According to all the reviews that mention Tulo’s customer service, we can conclude that they offer helpful and responsive customer service. Moreover, you can reach them easily through phone, online chat, or a simple email.


Pros and Cons

Having seen the features of the product, it is time to have a look at the pros and cons of Tulo mattresses.


  • The materials used in a Tulo mattress are optimal for giving you a good night’s sleep. They are also environment-friendly.
  • You get 3 firmness options in this product: soft, medium, and firm. These are suitable for various types of sleepers: stomach sleepers, back sleepers, as well as side sleepers.
  • These mattresses provide ample support to the bodies of all types of sleepers.
  • The memory foam has perfectly balanced cushion support and responsiveness.
  • Effectively minimizes motion transfer and ensures undisturbed sleep.
  • Effective neutrality towards temperature.
  • Considering the price, the durability is quite good.
  • CertiPUR-US certified.
  • Offers a good value for a low price.
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty period.
  • Good customer service.


  • Due to being made of foam, the edge support they provide is not as good as other types such as coil mattresses.
  • Some users may not be satisfied with the responsiveness of the foam.
  • Fails to provide effective support to the bodies of heavy users.


Tulo mattresses are designed while keeping the comfort of the user in mind. Also, they offer three different firmness options, which make them suitable for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, as well as side sleepers. It is a great thing that they have something for all customers. And the best thing is that they offer such good value at such an affordable price. Even though they have some drawbacks, they are overall worth the money you pay for them. Tulo mattresses can definitely be recommended to people.


Other mattresses recommended to you

In case you don’t find Tulo mattresses to be suitable for you, there are other viable alternatives that you may choose from. Following are some of the alternatives to the Tulo mattress that are recommended to you:-

1.Novilla Queen Size Mattress 


Best Value


Novilla Queen Size Mattress

Novilla Queen Size Mattress

Specifications :-

This mattress from Novilla has a thickness of 12 inches.

It has a 4-layer all-foam construction.

This mattress is of medium firmness.

This product is certified by CertiPUR-US.

Backed by 10-year warranty period and 30-days money-back guarantee.

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Just like the Tulo mattress, this queen size mattress from Novilla has a 4-layer construction. It also features gel-infused memory foam to ensure that the user sleeps cool. Moreover, the foam layer is designed in the shape of egg crates in order to increase the airflow. The cover of this mattress is made with bamboo fabrics to significantly enhance the airflow. Like the ones from Tulo, this mattress also provides ample support, pain relief, and pressure relief to the user. It also reduces motion transfer effectively so that you sleep undisturbed through the night. Since it has a medium firmness, it would be the most suitable for you if you’re a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper.

             You can easily fit this mattress on all queen-sized beds or even use it on the ground. It comes compressed in a box. Before you start using it, you must let it air up on a firm surface. The manufacturer has advised to let this mattress air up for 72 hours before putting it to use. This would help you get the best results in its performance. The foam used in this mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US. It is completely free of any harmful chemicals. Moreover, the cover is skin-friendly in addition to being soft. This mattress comes with a warranty period of 10 years, the same as the ones from Tulo. So if you find any defects in it within a time period of 10 years after buying it, you can get it replaced. Or, you can also opt for the money-back guarantee if you find a defect in the mattress within 30 days after purchase.

           So you get it at a little lower price than the queen-sized mattress from Tulo.

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2.Ghostbed 11-inch Queen Size Mattress


Best Value


Ghostbed 11-inch Queen Size Mattress

Ghostbed 11-inch Queen Size Mattress

Specifications :-

The queen size mattress from Ghostbed has a thickness of 11 inches.

It features a 4-layer construction featuring foam as well as latex.

It is certified by CertiPUR-US.

It can support users of weights up to 600 lbs.

This mattress is backed with a 20-year warranty period.

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This mattress made by the manufacturer Ghostbed is a high-quality product. Its construction features latex as well as gel memory foam. That means you get the best properties of latex and foam both in the same product. It must be noted here that latex is the best material for the purpose of making mattresses. Also, it is suitable for users who have a heavyweight. This mattress can support users who have weights up to 6oo lbs. This is a significantly bigger quantity than the weight supported by Tulo mattresses, which is 500 lbs. The firmness type you get in this mattress is medium. It is recommendable for stomach sleepers, side sleepers as well as back sleepers. So no matter which position you sleep in, this mattress is suitable for you.

        This mattress is compatible with queen size beds that feature adjustable frames, slatted frames, or box springs. Also, the slats shouldn’t have a distance of more than 3.5 inches between them. The cover of this mattress is removable and features zippers so that you can remove it with ease. After purchasing this mattress, you must remove the packaging within 72 hours. After that, you must allow it to air up for between 48 to 72 hours and then put it to use. You get a 100 day free trial with this product. Moreover, you can return it free of cost as long as it has not been more than 100 days after you received it.

           It is backed with an incredible 20-year warranty period. This product gives you more than good value for money.

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