In this day and age of such fast-paced lifestyle, Twin Air Mattress has grown in popularity leaps and bounds. Not that this is a completely new technology altogether but the fact is that the recent developments in this have been remarkable. And that has been one of the most primary reasons for its rising popularity.

Sleep is arguably the most important factor that goes into deciding how healthy an individual would be. Doesn’t matter if you are eating right and exercising right, not of that would matter if you are not getting enough good sleep.

It is because throughout the day your body does a lot of things. To keep things simple, a lot of physiological reactions take place which brings along with it a lot of harmful by-products.

It is during a good night of rest that your brain cleans up all this chemical mess that develops throughout the day. The sleep has to be perfect so that the brain, as well as the body, can be cleared up of all these harmful chemical by-products. If the sleep is not good, then the body will not be able to get rid of all these substances and that will leave you tired and lethargic throughout the day.

So, that is how much a good night of rest is important as without that, not only will your next day be totally miserable.

Where Does The Twin Air Mattress Fit Into The Picture

Now, you might wonder what would a plain old Twin Air Mattress do to help you with your sleep. And if it does help, then how exactly would it help you with your sleep and keep you safe from all kinds of health issues. The ones that might come your way if you are not getting proper sleep, that good night of rest after a long and productive day.

Well, if you want to know about that, then this is just the article that you are going to need. I am going to tell you how exactly a Twin Air Mattress is going to help you with your sleep. In full details of every mechanics and postures of sleep and all of that.

One thing that I must say about air mattresses and the Twin Air Mattress, in general, is that these things are very structurally sound. That is not to say that these will be hard as a floor that it will get in the way of your sleep. These are very comfortable and I am writing this article on my laptop sitting on my favorite twin air mattress.

The best posture to sleep in is to be as flat as possible and this is something that you can get very much from the Twin Air Mattress. The fine design of these products take a lot of care for that and you will have absolutely no trouble at all sleeping on these.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the details of the best Twin Air Mattress that you can go out and buy this year.

The Best Twin Air Mattress that You Can Buy In 2019

There are a lot of different Twin Air Mattresses that you can buy out there in the market. But the truth is that there are just too many options. There are just hundreds and hundreds of different twin air mattresses that you can take your pick from. Each company with a super compelling marketing maneuver of their own which will confuse you.

So, for you to go out and buy the best one can be quite a daunting task, to be honest. Option paralysis is definitely not worth it doesn’t matter what it is that you are out there in the market to buy. That is why I have hand-picked the 9 different Twin Air Mattresses for you to spare you all the trouble that comes from the selection process from the wide list of options.

And I have not just chosen these ones randomly but done my research and testing for each and every one of these. Also, I can guarantee you that each and every product on this list has these three qualities 

Proper Size

This is very important considering the different use cases that you might have for the twin air mattress that you buy. Maybe you would just use it for yourself or maybe one fine day some guests of yours might come over and you would want to give it to them for the night. That has to enough for them, so this is going to be that much important.

Quality Of Bedding

This is important because it has to be comfortable enough for you to sleep on without any kind of issues. And yes the question of keeping posture comes into play that would ensure proper sleep quality.

Ease Of Setup

When you have bought a brand new Twin Air Mattress and you are eager to try it out, the last thing you would want is a difficult setup. So, the setup process has to be as smooth as possible.

And all the mattresses that I have listed here, have these qualities and you will have no problem with these whatsoever. So without further ado, let’s get into the details of these mattresses.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Mattress

One of the most important things that you would want from the twin air mattress that you buy will beSoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress solidity. Now, let me be clear that by solidity, I do not mean hardness, something you would have a bad time sleeping on. It has to be just right for it to be the best bed to sleep on.

This particular mattress is one of those that does not have all the sparkly and shiny features but all those fundamentals. Fundamentals as in the things that would see through your good nights of sleep throughout the days.

As for the size of this mattress, this particular model comes in the queen size. However, you will be able to buy these in all other sizes as well. The chances of severe damage will be very low does not matter what kind of torture you might put it through.


  • Double Light raised air bed
  • One click internal pump
  • Thick flocked top, waterproof
  • Comfort coil technology


  • This air mattress is very comfortable for prolonged periods of sleeping
  • The internal pump is very useful


  • This can be vulnerable to damage on extra rough usage


You or any of your guest will have an absolutely wonderful time using the SoundAsleep Dream Series Mattress. At least this has been the case for me and for that, I would definitely recommend this for you to go ahead and buy.

Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise Mattress

This particular twin air mattress is of a special type and is made of something that we know as memory Fox Airbedsfoam. What the memory foam does is that after you get up and out of this mattress, it recoils back to its original form.

Although you might go ahead and say that this is the case for any other mattress that you can buy. But that is just partially true, if I have to throw in a number at all, I would say that it would be about 30% true.

A normal mattress would not be able to regain its original form that accurately, and yes that quickly. So, what would end up happening is that you would have yourself a damaged mattress if you buy a normal mattress.

But that is where the Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise Mattress with the special kind of memory foam that it has, comes in. The memory foam would ensure proper gaining back of the form and with that, the most important thing that would happen is that you would retain the safe posture while sleeping.

And the size if this is very good as well and with that, you would not only be able to fit in it and enjoy. But you would be able to accommodate your guests as well without any kind of a problem. It would keep its inflation levels properly throughout the duration of the night and that is also a very good thing.


  • 4 different sizes to choose from
  • Airflow chambers from the top of the pillow
  • Both internal and external pumps
  • Vinyl thick by 43%


  • Very good in portability
  • Super comfortable in many different situations


  • Hard to get the air out when you want to


A definite recommendation from my side as because I found this thing very portable as well as very comfortable. That too at a very good price without a doubt.

Insta-Bed Raised

This is one of those twin air mattresses that is the best for those situations where you will be using this Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattressfor longer than usual. This particular product will see you well throughout all of those extended periods of time. It will hold up absolutely fantastically and give you absolutely zero problems whatsoever.

The pump that comes along with this product is also pretty cool and is of the NeverFlat type. This one will be very easy to use thus giving you the easiest setup possible and that is a total joy. The list of features of this product is pretty much as good as it can be and you will not have any problem with that.

You will also get a backup pump so that if the main one breaks on you, then you will not be left without aid. The second pump will do just fine for you and you will also be able to give it to a friend in the time of need. And both of these are going to be very, very good for inflating this air mattress.

This particular mattress is one of the more comfortable ones and that almost alone accounts for the extended use case. All in all, this is definitely one of the best mattresses that you can go ahead and buy. So, do buy this if you want one of the more comfortable air mattresses.


  • Two separate pumps for this one bed
  • Circular coils, 33 in all for the Queen size
  • High power pumping systems
  • Secondary pump very accurate at maintaining air pressure throughout the night


  • Raised design good for elders
  • Support of the coil systems very good on the back


  • A bit bulkier for the normal taste


I would very surely recommend this to you if you have any sort of problem getting up from the ground, which is a usual scenario when it comes to elderly people. So, it will be very good if you have guests coming in frequently.

Coleman Airbed Cot

This is one of the more unique ones, wherein this comes with a complete bedding frame setup. So that,Coleman QuickBed Single High Airbed Mattress you will be able to set it up as a bed, whenever and wherever it is that you would want to. That makes the Coleman Airbed Cot arguably the best option on this list to go ahead and set up in forests and camping grounds.

This one is quite the compact one and you will have that much ease carrying this with you on all of your camping trips. Every little thing regarding this particular twin air mattress is in place to ensure comfort while carrying around. But the thing is that the design of this is such that there will definitely be a compromise with comfort.

That is not to say that it will be a pain to sleep on this, that is the furthest from the truth. As this bed is quite comfortable to sleep on, but definitely not the most. Yet that is not going to bother you as such because of the use cases that the design of this is for. While out in the wilderness, this is definitely going to be the most comfortable thing to sleep on around.

The cot set up is very much robust and will not give out on you and is capable of handling a lot of weight. So, you will be quite safe in that way as a weight handling capability of 600 pounds is going to be more than enough. The pump for this air mattress is very good as well and it will help you set this up very quickly and easily.


  • 4D battery operated the pump for the better result
  • Frame capable of handling up to 600 pounds
  • AirTight system for best leak prevention
  • ComfortStrong coil construction


  • Is capable of handling a lot of weight
  • The off the ground bed system is very good for outdoors


  • The entire mattress is quite heavy


If you are an outdoors junkie and go out for hiking and camping quite often, I would definitely recommend that you buy this. As this is one of the best air bedding systems for that.

FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

One of the most common of places twin air mattresses come into play is while traveling. So, it is FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattressinevitable that there will be one of these that is best suited for traveling and there are many. But the FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress is definitely one of the best that you can buy.

The first thing that I must say about this product and definitely one of the best things about this is that the waterproof layer. There is also a bag which is attached to it which helps in proper carrying around of the deflated version. This bed can hold up the weight of up to 600 pounds at least so no worries about this breaking on you.

There are also things exactly like this that you can get from the market but the thing is that this one is just too good to ignore. And this is also one of the more affordable ones with proper quality. Not only have I used this for myself at my home and traveled with it in my car, but I have talked extensively to the users. And they have had nothing but good things to say about this product.

The FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress is very durable and will absolutely last for years without a doubt whatsoever. If you have to invest your hard earned money on something that will do good for you throughout your trips. I would definitely recommend this to you and that too quite strongly.

But one thing you should be sure of that if you put this through rough use, then usage report say that this might just break on you. So, be a little careful if you want to buy it for super rough use purposes.


  • Extra protecting air cushion for added comfort and support
  • 143 cm in length, 87 cm in width and 45 cm in height while in deflation
  • 56.3-inches in length, 34.25-inches in width and 17.72-inches in height post inflation
  • Oxford PVC constructed


  • The very good portability factor
  • Comfortable for a lot of different use situations


  • The durability of this mattress is a bit weak


If you go out camping every other weekend, and you would want to carry around an air mattress with you, then good news. This is going to be the ideal air mattress for you.

Insta-Bed EZ Bed

This particular twin air mattress is also quite unique where this comes with a set frame which holds the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattressentire thing in place. That makes it almost exactly like a bed that will help you sleep comfortably throughout the night. You will not get any kind of posture problem whatsoever and this will very certainly improve your overall health.

Insta-bed is one of those companies that very consistently produces some of the best bedding products and especially air mattresses which are very high quality. The Insta-Bed EZ Bed is quite like the regular bed that people use at their homes. However, the unique thing is that you will be able to carry this around wherever you go.

The durability of the Insta-Bed EZ Bed is very good and you will have absolutely zero problems in loading it up. Yet that also does not mean that the level of comfort that you can get from this is going to be mediocre.

No need to take this as a cheap and low-quality option as because the pump is a bit noisy, that is not a problem at all. The design of this particular air mattress is absolutely one of a kind and I loved using this. If you want to have yourself a nice and comfy air mattress which would last through the years. Then, this is definitely a must buy.


  • The NeverFlat pumping system for extra easy pumping
  • 8-inches in length, 60-inches in breadth and 9.5-inches in height when inflated
  • 48.9 lbs in weight
  • Adjustable comfort levels for extra convenience


  • Very affordable, which everyone will be able to buy
  • Will be comfortable for a wide range of people due to the adjustable comfort levels


  • The frame of this product is not the most reliable one


If you are on the lookout for a cost-effective option and that too with the right level of comfort, this is going to be the best one for you.

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam

If you are the type of person who has certain problems getting down to the level of the floor, then this is Intex Dura-Beam definitely going to be of help. This is just 22-inches thick. This is definitely among the taller ones that you can buy from out there in the market. You can be injured or maybe you are a senior citizen, no matter what the case may be, this twin air mattress is going to serve you well.

The Intex Comfort-Plush Elevated Dura-Beam is a definite go-to for me if I want to sleep in my backyard during those summer nights. And I believe that this will be the same for you if you buy this and start using it. Just a remark as to how good and high-quality the Intex Comfort-Plush Elevated Dura-Beam is.


  • Queen size of the bed with Fiber-Tech construction
  • Weight load capability of up to 600 pounds
  • 22-inches elevation off the ground
  • Waterproof top, all of it flocked


  • Good amount of elevation from the ground
  • Price is very affordable


  • Leaks from time to time in case of heavy usage


Are one of those people who prefer the comfort of a mattress with a proper elevation? Then this is going to be just the mattress for you and that too at quite the affordable rate.

Intex Raised Downy

The Intex Raised Downy is also one of the more taller of the options that you can find on this list of theIntex Dura-Beam best twin air mattresses. At a thickness of 22-inches, which is exactly similar to that of the Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam. This is also going to be a good choice for you if you happen to be a senior citizen or with an injury of sorts.

One thing is quite remarkable about the Intex Raised Downy is the amount of time you will need to set this up properly. It is just a meager five minutes and it is nothing when you compare it t the other ones that you would be able to find out there in the market.

The feel when you lie down on the Intex Raised Downy is fantastic and when I bought myself one of these. I absolutely loved the feeling that it gave and it held up my posture quite well and after sleeping on it for quite a while. I did not have any trouble with my back at all. The material on the surface was also quite good as well, but that is probably not going to matter that much. You are most likely going to cover it up with a blanket and then sit or lie down on top of it.

Overall, I would definitely recommend it to you just like the previous one from Insta-Bed. Although one thing that I must caution you against is that this particular model is prone to leakage. It is much more than the other ones and if you use this on rough surfaces, it can give leakage problems.


  • Sides indented for fitting in the sheets
  • Bedding raised 22-inches from off the floor
  • Dimensions are 7.25 in length, 14.5-inches in breadth and 18-inches by height during deflation and 60 x 22 x 80 inches as W x H x L post inflation
  • High power pre-installed electric pump


  • Nice and comfortable elevation
  • Pumping action very powerful


  • Leakage issues are quite common every once in a while


For people who do not like to sleep close to the ground, you can get a proper elevation from this. And this is not the most expensive choice, so I would definitely suggest you buy this if it fits your criterion.

WonderSleep Classic Series

The WonderSleep Classic Series is among one of the more expensive lines of twin air mattresses. If you are willing to spend a little bit more than usual for air mattresses like this, I would definitely recommend this to you as this is definitely one of the best. I absolutely love the WonderSleep Classic Series air mattresses and I have the king size in my bedroom.

The mattress is one of the more firmer ones, but still, this kind of firmness is not too much. It is going to be very comfortable and is one of the best ones for holding your posture in the right way. But if you are a person who really likes super soft and springy mattresses, then it is probably going to be a bit hard for that.

You will face absolutely no problems with the inflatability of this twin air mattress and the set up is very easy as well. Other than that, the pumps that come along with this particular model are going to be very good. I really liked the ergonomic feel of the pumps and the pumping action is quite easy.

This is one of those things that adds validation to the idea of “good things for good prices” and does it very well. If you have a little bit more to spend, then you should definitely buy the WonderSleep Classic Series mattresses. This is going to last you for quite a number of years and that too in tip top conditions.


  • The highly powerful rotary pump
  • DreamCoil technology for complete support while sleeping
  • Thick and waterproof flocked top
  • Design perfect for in-home usage


  • Very good coil systems
  • Waterproofing very good and the form is very comfortable


  • The air in this usually leaks on rough and tough usage

In Conclusion

There is a twin air mattress for almost any kind of buyer persona that you can think of. And if you really want to get one of these things that are going to fit your needs the best. The information in this article is going to help you make the best possible choice.

Just keep your specific needs from the air mattress in mind and with that, you will be able to use this information in the best way possible.

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