King Koil Air Mattress stands among the most important air mattresses. There are a lot of factors that go into when you decide to buy a new air mattress that suits your home as well as matches your desired comfort. Like pull-out sofas and other similar stuff, air mattresses also holds an inclination to get a poor account as the time passes. And deciding to get the mattress that lasts longer, becomes difficult.

All of the latest mattresses that are in trend right now, holds some specific characteristics which makes them different from other. They all possess unique features and according to the preference of buyers they are available in the market. Among them, includes the special air mattress designed by King Koil.

Choosing the best air mattress can be difficult and at times. And it can render you clueless which one to buy when there are a lot of options easily available in the market. To make it easy, I have managed to put together some of the most important factors that you should be focusing on while getting an air mattress. For that, you can have a look right below.

  1. Safety ConcernsKing Koil QUEEN SIZE Luxury Raised Air Mattress
  2. Comfort
  3. Pump Type
  4. Durability
  5. Air Retention
  6. Mattress Profile
  7. Health Benefits
  8. Size
  9. Leaking
  10. Storage
  11. Good Material
  12. Weatherproof
  13. Warranty


Now that you know the different factors that are necessary for a good sleep, you can move to the next section. Besides, you should know the importance of an air mattress before buying it.

Why Do You Need An Air Mattress?

Having an air mattress at home is really significant. There are a lot of things that you can make easier with an air mattress. In fact, you can have a living space at your home with an air mattress. It gives you comfort and at the same time enhances your home’s appearance.

Apart from that, the air mattresses are portable and allow you to use them in any of your preferred areas. Also, you can use an air mattress for hosting guests, temporary as well as everyday use, along with camping. There are some air mattresses that come up with the camping mattress characteristic. So, all these features collectively make it good reasons to get one at your home.

About The King Koil Air Mattress

Though the air mattresses are winning most of the preferences, you have the right to declare the King Koil air mattress as one of the best. With the various features that a King Koil air mattress carries, it becomes the best sellers at the time of its release in the market. It has the perfect luxurious surface to enhance your home appearance. And when it comes to the inflatable airbeds, you can find the name or King Koil in the topmost part of the list. Besides, this is available in a whole lot of different perks that will make you get this product promptly.

Quick Specifications

  • This air mattress is eco-friendly.
  • King Koil uses its improved airbed technology.
  • Besides, it comes up with a 1 year guarantee.
  • There is an extra thick waterproof comfort quilt.
  • It gives you extra support to your spine.
  • Firm Mattress further offers you good sleeping posture.
  • This air mattress is twin sized with coil-beam construction and a built-in 120V AC pump.
  • The King Koil air mattress has 80 x 40 x 20 inches of dimensions.
  • Here, the maximum weight capacity is 300lbs.
  • This air mattress has easy to use plugin internal pump that gives you swift & easy inflation/deflation.
  • Apart from that, this air mattress reaches complete inflation in less than 3 minutes.
  • The King Koil air mattress is specially created for the home usage and this air bed is best when it comes to the overnight guests.
  • Also, you can take it to the camp.


What’s So Great About It?

There are some approaches that go into while buying this product. Every product has different traits which make them unique. And according to the different presentations of the people, they choose the product which matches the most to their convenience. So, you can take a look at some the best features of King Koil and for whom this product is the best.

Temporary Use

The people who have been looking for an air mattress for short-term use of temporary use, they can make a really good decision by getting this air mattress. King Koil air mattress is believed to be the best air mattress for temporary usage. So, those who are making a plan to get a new air mattress only to replace it with a new one after a short time can prefer to get this. This is the best air mattress if you are going to settle in a new place or leaving for camp or tour. One of the major characteristics of this air mattress is that you can easily carry it to the camp.

More Than The Average Mattresses

If your preference goes to the built-in air pump mattress with an elevated structure, then the King Koil air mattress should be your first choice. It has waterproof comfort quilt and provides you with the great quality of air mattress experience when you use it. And when you will compare it to the other cheap and regular air mattresses, you will come to realize it’s worth being far beyond them.


The most amazing thing about the King Koil air mattress is that it comes at a really affordable price. So, if you are running through a tight budget, you can definitely make your move here. This particular product comes at a low cost, but it does not compromise with the quality and features. It comes up with the various good feature at the same normal price. Also, you will find it arranged with a whole lot of convenience. Besides, at its price, you will be getting the most beautifully designed air mattress for sure.

A Guest Room Solution

Apart from that, the King Koil air mattress is perfect for a guest room solution. Only if you are not willing to get your guests a sofa, you can opt to treat them with this King Koil air mattress. This air mattress is portable and you can easily move it all around your home. Also, it saves a lot of space in your bedroom.

The Background Of King Koil Air Mattress

When you compare the King Koil air mattress to the other brands, you will come to make a grave distinctive statement of compared products. Here, in the King Koil air mattress, you will find a really soft flocking layer along with a built-in pillow attached to it.

On the other side, the convenience it offers grows even more. Following the charge the manufacturer makes, this air mattress inflates quickly without taking your time. Besides, it provides you with the desired comfort as well.

Another important thing you will find here is that this particular brand holds a guarantee to the quality it offers to us. It goes well with all the situations and places offering you great comfort. When you reflect the making of King Koil air mattress, it will give you an impression of the inflated air mattress which takes a very short time to offer you the most comfortable air mattress experience. Also, the King Koil air mattress comes along with a one-year guarantee.

Construction And Materials

Also, the construction of King Koil air mattress and the materials used here are significant. Going back to its making, you will come to find that the manufacturer uses a coil-beam in the construction of King Koil air mattress. Most probably this is the reason which makes this mattress one of the best air mattresses. Besides, this air mattress uses built-in robust 120V AC pump. Further, this brand is operating to appear with a safety valve which will be an added advantage for all its users.

On the next side, this air mattress gives you the super comfort because it concedes for decent weight division. This further is an important feature of King Koil which is hard to get in any other air mattresses. Moving on to the length, this air mattress is 20-inches high. This is not a normal thickness that you can find easily. So, this adds up to its another unique trait.

The primary motive of the brand says that this air mattress is specially designed to give the users enough deep compression comfort and assistance so that it can easily sustain around 600 pounds of weight. Moreover, most of the air mattresses fall into its place after some while.  Often, the normal air mattresses result in a poor situation soon you use them. Thus, you can choose it to get the best out of King Koil mattress.

Apart from that, King Koil uses the extra-thick waterproof bedding on the upper layout of this air mattress. When you use this air mattress, it gives you a really firm experience.

Coming up to the material, the manufacturer makes use of the excellent quality material to give the users the most suitable experience. There is a utility of deep side congregated long-lasting fabric material. And this material is believed to be the most useful. Also, it ensures that the air mattress you are using is repellent to punctures and holes in it.

Comfort And Firmness

Along with the best construction process and materials used in the making of King Koil air mattress, there is an equally great comfort and excellent firmness as well. As we all are aware of the fact that we can not compare a bed to an air mattress. It rather feels a bit strong and does not allow to get the experience of hovering on the top of it. Hence, the comforter acts upon to provide you with the desired comfort.

Apart from that, another thing that goes into is the spinal adjustment that the bed provides to you. So, when you go to use an air mattress, you are already aware that it is not going to give you the same comfort as a bed does offer to you. Moreover, you don’t have to take on account all these things that a normal air mattress lacks when you compare it to a bed. Because the King Koil air mattress comes along with all the features that you find in a traditional bed.

However, it might seem a little sturdy to some users, it necessarily offers you an ordinary density which is pretty convenient for use. Collectively, this makes it a good preference of many people out there looking for the best air mattress to take home. Undoubtedly, there is a distinguished bounce present in this air mattress as well as a severe response of the unit. Moreover, this is something you can expect for sure.

When it comes to the push-back, it is considered to be challenging. However, soon as you lay down on it for a little moment, it will give you a super comfortable experience. And this is another added feature of this air mattress.

Easy To Use

Coming to the most important feature of the King Koil air mattress, this product most importantly gives you the ease of use it. As we are already conscious of its constructive method and know that the manufacturer uses a built-in pump, King Koil has been successful in offering the most simple practice of this air mattress. This particular trait of this air mattress makes it stand out from the crowd of regular air mattresses available in the market. Besides, the simple use of an air mattress is believed to be the first preference of any buyer and King Koil never fails to offer this.

The airbed assembled with the King Koil air mattress serves the purpose of regular in-home usage. You can get this air matters for your guests. Also, this product is portable and allows you to carry it even to the camp. So, simultaneously, it works as your camping bed and you don’t have to carry extra stuff at the camp for sleep.

Another interesting thing about the King Koil air mattress is the pump it offers to the users. And you can get the desired comfort in this sleeping bag because as you turn the nozzle accordingly, the mattress begins to work on flow. Thus, this way, your air mattress expands the mattress immediately.

Moving to its packaging, you will come to find out that the manufacturer uses a carrying bag for extra convenience. And because of that, it becomes easier for you to carry this air mattress. So, you can move around and travel anywhere with this air mattress.


  • This air mattress gives the absolute firmness customization and this helps to enhance comfort.
  • Here, in this air mattress, the fitted sheets stay in place.
  • The bag is so compact that it allows you to carry it with ease.


  • Some users argue that this air mattress is not so good for the rustic camping.
  • King Koil air mattress is a little heavy when you compare it to the other airbeds. This is because this air mattress is electronic.



The King Koil air mattress gives you a one year of warranty. Though the warranty expires in one year, you will continue to enjoy the same comfort as before. According to the company’s policy, you will get the most superior customer services at your fingertips. And the company do not overstate that. Moreover, if you get to encounter any kind of problem with the product, you can contact the helpline number and get the best services.

To Wind Up

With this, we have come to the final thought of the King Koil air mattress. And this clearly shows that the particular product is an excellent air mattress which serves multiple purposes. No doubt it offers great comfort and durability.

Considering its price, you are getting the best air mattress. Along with that, the overall inflation system and the built-in powerful pump that it provides are exceptional. Apart from that, the material used in the making of this air mattress is of excellent quality and you will get the feel once you use it.

When you take a look at the other air mattresses of the same category, you will figure out that King Koil is the best option available in the market. So, in the same price-to-quality ratio you can have the best product with the King Koil air mattress. In fact, King Koil is running to give a tough competition to other brands with its unique features. Better yet, this extra comfortable air mattress serves multipurpose for both in-home as well as outings.

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