Air mattresses are often used as aids due to buoyancy. Among them, the most popular is the Coleman air mattress, which is suitable for daily use. The newest development is fiber reinforced plastic. Air mattresses are for easy storage. You can just roll it up or fold it. This makes them ideal for the temporary bed purpose. For all these features, more and more people are attracted by the Coleman air mattress.

These mattresses look like ordinary beds. With remote control, the owner can adjust to the side of the bed for added comfort. The necessary precautions are to carefully protect both sides so that children under the age of 8 months do not choke between the mattress and the bed.

About The Coleman Company

Coleman company offers several varieties of product for the camping and for the outdoor use. The brand sells a wide range of products, including backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, refrigerators, storage ovens, kitchen utensils, furniture, and other accessories.

All the equipment of the Coleman company is manufactured in Europe and USA. Also, this brand has a big name in the international market. Coleman sells its products in many independent stores and online sites as well.

One of the best things about this company is that it gives free advice to the customer for choosing the best product, which is rarely found in other companies. They also give advice regarding how to maintain the equipment, how to pack the air mattress, and other things. Coleman offers a variety of inflatable mattresses that can withstand outdoor use.

History Of The Coleman

The company has an excellent reputation in the campaign area. They presented a new range of accessories for camping. This is perhaps the only company that offers the most complete range of camping trailers. Nowadays, they have been counted as one of the best air mattress company around the world.

The Things Coleman Offers In Its Air Mattresses

There are a handful of reasons for which you want to take a Coleman air mattress home. So, let’s take a look at some of the features that make this brand exceptional.

High Comfort

When it comes to outdoor bed or the guest amenities, the Coleman company is the best brand as compared to the others. At the time when you are trying too hard to sleep, a perfect mattress would be the most important thing that you take into consideration.

You would need to make it a point that you enjoy complete peace during your sleep. Also, you will be happy to know that the coil system of Coleman would be working extra hard to give you complete rest during sleep, which you ask for so desperately.

A luxurious peak is also designed within it which adds to the overall comfort.

Air-Tight System

You might not want an air mattress, which is known to have time to use it. However, the Coleman air mattresses are made with advanced features. It takes only 3 minutes to supply air to the product. Deflation is not a difficult task either.


The brand is well suited for temporary sleep in the construction industry. The bed is reinforced with edges and contributes to effective support. Coleman air mattress can carry up to 600 pounds of weight. In short, if you are looking for an air mattress and no matter what may be the reason is, Coleman air mattress is the best option for you.


The material of this bed is made of high-quality PVC, which is quite hardy. That is the best choice for outdoor tips. Resistant to antibiotic surfaces, fungi, and harmful odor.


Despite being one of the best, Coleman air mattresses are not entirely perfect. After using it for some time, you might see certain problems. Now, let’s take a look at a few drawbacks.

Off-Gassing Odor

This air mattress is of high-quality PVC. There is a persistent plastic odor that can annoy you as you sleep.

Heavy Weight

You always want to carry some less weight when you are going on an outdoor trip. The weight of the Coleman air mattress is nearly about 93 pound. This can be inconvenient, especially if you cross an uneven area outside your home.


The biggest problem with the size is that some products are inches shorter. That includes twins and queen that are much less than indicated. If you are tall, then it becomes very difficult for you to fit in an air mattress. So, if you are buying a Coleman air mattress, you can rest assured that the size won’t be a problem.

What Make Coleman Different From Others

Nowadays, the use of Coleman air mattress increases day by day. As it has:

  • Flexible design for indoor and outdoor use
  • Air mattress plus a bed for extra support
  • The inflatable bed can be separated from the bed
  • Heavy-duty steel frames up to 600 pounds
  • Two side tables provide points
  • Enclosure both the side
  • Coleman air mattress bed has also designed with an inbuilt pump that includes 4D batteries
  • The pump can deflate and also inflate the pump
  • A very strong airtight system that prevents air leaking from the beds
  • Carry bag
  • Carry the height up to 6 feet 2 inches
  • Warranty period is of 1 year

It is always interesting to see such kind of advanced features. Now, you must be very much enthusiastic to own a Coleman air mattress for an outdoor tip. Here, to help you out, I have listed the top five best Coleman air mattress in this article. Read each and every point about these top rated air bed and choose the one most appropriate for you.

Top Coleman Air Mattress That Are Available In The Market

Now, let’s have a look at the best Coleman air mattress that is available in the market along with their pros and cons.

Coleman SupportRest Elite PillowStop Double High Airbed (Queen)Coleman SupportRest Elite PillowStop Double High Airbed (Queen)

This Coleman air mattress is ideal for long-term use with minimal complaints. That makes them ideal for outdoor tips. Nowadays, this air mattress is one of the most popular among users. It is a very good choice for camping or a trip. It can be easily available at a height of 18-inches.

  • This air mattress is not suitable for those who carry heavy weights. As it tends to lose hardness with use.
  • This product has improved the structure to provide a more stable bed surface. It is very easy to get out of bed due to the thickness of 18-inches.
  • In this air mattress, air pump might locate at the bottom of the mattress.
  • Also, cable tray is not included with this one. However, this allows the use of longer cables, which can be convenient. One of the best things about this Coleman brand is that it only takes a few minutes to pump the air. The engine is very strong.
  • One downside is that it does not last very long.
  • The top of this air mattress is made of treated antibacterial surfaces that are resistant to mold, mildew, and odor. So, you can share your bed with family and friends.
  • The Reinforced hook design provides essential body support. You can enjoy the soft, luxurious tower.
  • The bed of this Coleman provides as an asset that brings a lot of comforts. This is a good solution for delaying sleep.

When using this Coleman air mattress bed with a fitted sheet,  we will guarantee you that you will get the maximum comfort. It is so flexible that even if you use a 20-inches thick air mattress bed, then also you will able to manage a normal fitted sheet.



  • The bed surface is resistant to mold, mildew, and odors.
  • Also, the built-in pump supplies bed within 3 minutes.
  • The double height makes it easy to enter and exit the bed.
  • The pump makes the bed smooth and easy to pack.
  • Hold up to 600 pounds of weight.



  • The Pump is a little bit of noisy
  • During its use, there is a possible chance of leakage

Coleman QuickBed Elite Extra High Airbed (Twin)Coleman QuickBed Elite Extra High Airbed (Twin)

The Coleman quick bed elite seems that this is new without meaning.QuickBed Elite is a very relaxing bed. The choice is suitable for outdoor activities, especially for camping. These beds are very much easy to inflate and also it does not take too much space.

The excellent construction of the coils is the main reason why these beds are rated by the professionals and users of this industry the highest.

  • This Coleman air mattress comes with an inbuilt 4D pump.
  • The bed has a double sealing double check valve to prevent the mattress from leaking. These valves are really useful.
  • This provides ultra-fast aspiration and allows you to release the air under pressure.
  • Quick pumping and deflate makes this bed for the users.
  • You will admire the top surface of this Coleman air mattress. It feels like sleeping in suede.
  • Also, these beds are very soft and comfortable. The upper part prevents sticking to the bed in the summer.
  • However, the temperature, location, and humidity will affect this Coleman air bed.
  • You need to inflate this Coleman air mattress every time you use.
  • Well, you must be impressed by the features that it provides for you. It will catch you back with no problems. And also adjust your body without developing pressure points.


  • This Coleman air mattress has comfort coil that provides excellent support.
  • The Coleman quick bed elite mattress is made of heavy and durable material.
  • The double sealing valve prevents from leaking.
  • Built-in pump allows for rapid expansion and evaporation.
  • Soft plush provides soft sleep



  • This Coleman bed might not support heavy people.

Coleman EasyStay 4-N-1 Single High Airbed (Twin/King)Coleman EasyStay 4-N-1 Single High Airbed

You can use this Coleman EasyStay bed in different ways. This is a multifunctional bed that can be used as a double, queen or king size bed. These particular ones are only for those who want a changeable air bed and also for those who prefer a double bed. This model has been designed to provide comfortable sleep.

  • The convenient design of a strong roll eliminates roughnesses which arise in the majority of air mattresses.
  • These Coleman EasyStay beds are equipped with two valves that use the first seal to prevent shrinkage when removing the pump. Use the second seal to lock the air while you are sleeping.
  • The bed is equipped with a storage and riding system. The patented structure facilitates packaging, and the mattress should be folded and tapped.
  • Both mattresses have high quality zippers. That keeps them firmly intracted. Further, it is not necessary to mention that the unzipping process is very easy when you want to separate these beds.
  • You can spend a relaxing night if you sleep in this Coleman beds. It sets is a benchmark for solo users when they can combine the two beds as a single bed.
  • Sometimes you might find airflow issue with this model.
  • Compared to most monolithic models, the overall design cannot be too complex. But without too much trouble, it is strong enough to provide a good night sleep.


  • The 4-N-1 convertible structure can be used as a single height or as a king.
  • Convenient and durable reel for exceptional support and comfort.
  • Factory-tested hermetic systems ensure no leaks.
  • Integrated roll storage and packaging for easy embedding



  • Gemini 4-N-1 is smaller than it should be.
  • The difference between double mattresses is that they cannot move comfortably.

Coleman SupportRest Plus PillowStop Double High Airbed (Queen)

The Coleman SupportRest plus pillow is nothing but one of the traditional and comfortable air mattress to use. This Coleman air mattress support is thicker, supportive and comfort of a high bed.

  • This air mattress is a very good choice for those people who like a campaign. It is also ideals for Coleman SupportRest Plus PillowStop Double High Airbedthose who want some exciting trip as it can carry anywhere at any time.
  • But it can support only up to 600 pounds. PillowStop recommends wearing a pillow when you sleep.
  • These mattresses are made of high-quality materials and offer very thick surfaces for maintenance, comfort, and durability.
  • This Coleman air mattress stands 18-inches on the ground. Which makes this bed really easy to get in and get out from the bed.
  • Sleep is made from antimicrobial agents: mold, mildew, and odor. This is one of the best bed for people who have sensitive skin with them.
  • There is a 120-volt pump that provides strong inflation and deflation.
  • Materials that used within it naturally expand and stretches that make it possible for pumping air when it is required.
  • Usually, the initial hardness decreases because the material naturally swells over the layer after watering or sleeping for several hours.


  • This air mattress is very easy to set up and it offers very good comfort.
  • The design of Pillow Stop uses embossed heads to maintain the position of the cushion. The double ended valve prevents leakage.
  • Dual height for easy access.



  • It does not carry too much weight as mentioned earlier.

Coleman All-Terrain Plus Double High Airbed Mattress, Queen Size

The Coleman All-Terrain bed air mattress stands quite high in the ground. That makes this bed quite Coleman All-Terrain Plus Double High Airbed Mattressnatural look when you are trying to get in and get out from the bed. This air mattress is quite preferable for the person who wants to carry high weight for their trip.

This Coleman model can support up to 1000 pounds of weight support. This model does not seem suitable for those people, who want a thick mattress, as it is only 15-inches or something more than that.


  • The impressive first part of the architecture is made of non-woven fabrics. This fabric is very soft and very durable.
  • It is 45% lighter than the other standard material, with a tensile strength of 25% and puncture resistance of 47% and many more materials include in that.
  • The pumping process of this Coleman air mattress is very simple, as there is a uniquely designed air pump present in that model.
  • This can be very useful when used outdoors.
  • If you want your bed to move slightly, then it will take almost 2.5 to 3.5 minutes to pump up the air in the model.
  • Reinforced bed significantly increases strength and durability. It is a good solution for most of the people who suffer from a sleep problem.
  • Sleep at night with this amazing sleep solution is refreshing. If you are struggling to find an air bed in the past, you can go after this Coleman air mattress.
  • We believe that this can be a very good option because it can save up to 800 pounds.

So, if you are having sleepless nights, you should lay on this Coleman bed and put your head away from the bed for avoiding the disturbance.



  • The stitched fabric is soft and durable.
  • Stronger material can reach up to 800 pounds approx or more than that.
  • The refined design is allowing you to enjoy the excellent living space
  • Easy access to several heights
  • It inflates quickly and it is comfortable



  • You might experience leakage

Reported Shortcomings

One of the major drawbacks of Coleman that has been reported by most of the users is that the air beds is that it takes too much time for cleaning. And when you are trying to spread the two beds to make a king size, it takes very much space. Sometimes, you might feel difficulties while rolling these beds. It also gets dirty quickly.

Compression Between Its Pros And Cons

If there is compression between Coleman’s pros and cons, then surely its pros will win. In front of its huge amount of pros and features, cons seem like very little things which are really negligible.

User’s Feedback

The Coleman company continuously speak with their client and take their feedback. In 99 percent cases, the user’s is satisfied with its equipment. I personally use Coleman air mattress product and I am very much satisfied. Unlike other brands, the Coleman company does not hide anything from their customer.

If you going for a buy any Coleman air mattress, then you will be definitely aware of the product’s good things and bad things. As we have already mentioned the 5 best Coleman air mattresses along with their pros and cons. Coleman will describe each and every point about their equipment, that makes it different from other companies.

All feedback, given to the management is the result of extensive tests and experiments on real products.

Some days ago, I just come back from my outdoor trip and I take Coleman Easystay 4-N-1 Single High Airbed with myself, and I sleep like regular mattresses that we have at home. It is seriously, comfortable and very easy to carry. In short, you can take it with you at any time anywhere.

Is Buying A Coleman Air Mattress Is Worth Your Money?

Simply, the answer is yes. If you read this article, then surely you can release that. Coleman air beds give you the best design at a very low cost. This is an inflatable bed with its own folding frame that looks like a real bed. You cannot tell the difference even with a small sheet.

Wrapping Up

Well, if you are planning to buy an air bed, then, we strongly recommend you don’t need to go anywhere just for buying the Coleman air mattress. Unlike most other brands, the Coleman inflatable bed is respected in a variety of conditions, especially in campsites.

Thanks to the hermetic technology, double reinforcement and carrying structure of the cover, Coleman offers airbags that meet customer expectations. Let’s take a look at some points.

  • The Coleman rarely underestimates the quality.
  • The Coleman SupportRest makes the air mattress particularly for the people who are looking for the high bed.
  • This Coleman air mattress model is not so much heavy as the rest models,  but powerful enough to support the extra weight. But, Coleman does not contain with the king size model. On the opposite, it has Coleman EasyStay 4-N-1, which you can use as a double bed with high relaxation. This Coleman EasyStay 4-N-1 model has twin beds which looks like a king size of a bed.
  • After that, it comes to the QuickBed Elite Extra High Airbed, and as we mentioned earlier that it is the most popular option for solo users. This Coleman Airbed Provides perfect hardness and height.
  • There is a very rare chance to get leaked this Coleman QuickBed Elite Extra High Airbed.
  • In case, you have a very little budget also you want a big air mattress, then you should keep your eyes towards the Coleman EasyStay 4-N-1 model.
  • Individual budget travelers should go after the Twin Coleman QuickBed Elite.


Above information is sufficient to make a decision that whether Coleman brand is suitable for you or not. Finally, Coleman Air mattress will offer you the best comfort, best prince, and long durability. Thus, you can go for they doubt.

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